Its finally here! The second decade of the 21st century, the second decade of the second millenium, the second generation of WR Films HD are all here! Today is the second day of 2010, and we are continuing to update WR Films HD to WR Films HD 2.0. The website is completely re-done, the logo is completely different, the channel will be done soon, and the new videos will be out soon too.

In a couple of days we will be uploading an introduction video to WR Films HD 2.0. It will show you everything that you need to know about 2.0. We are also going to help ring in the new year by revealing the Total Destruction Season 2 logo and by giving you a preview of the show 'The Supercar Concept Chronicles'.

We will be back with tons of videos starting mid to late January. Don't forget, on February 7th, after Superbowl 44, come to WR Films HD for your source of hilarious commercials. Then, less than a week later, TSCC* will premier! Also, less than a week after TSCC* Season 1 ends, Evolution of Murcielago will premier!

We will have more info about WR Films HD 2.0 and 2010 in the next blog posts. Thank you for reading and watching our videos, please subscribe and continue to watch. If it were'nt for you fans, WR Films HD would have disappeared along time ago.

Good-bye 2009...

Hello 2010!
Hello WR Films HD 2.0!

Have fun exploring 2.0!