The domain name change we mentioned a couple of blogs ago, the date has been changed. The domain name will be changed on June 10, 2009. Get ready, the Supercar Concepts 3 Premier Week starts May 31 and ends June 6. The immediately afterwards, the 2009 Summer Super Video Bash begins, the video bash starts June 6 and ends August 8th. It will include all the videos we upload this summer. Which may be alot or may not be, it depends on our vacation schedules. On June 14th, the Lamborghini The Revolution 2: Now and Future Premier Week begins. It ends June 20th. Later this summer and in to winter more movies will be premiering, like, The Bull: History of Lamborghini and Supercar Concepts X in the winter. Visit our homepage during the first week of June to see all of the Supercar Concepts stuff.

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD