In continuation of the previous blog post from Sept 4th, on September 8, 2010 a solution to the recent Total Destruction mishaps has been made. All episodes of Total Destruction are now back to "public". However, episode 9 is still down and will remain down. After we do some minor changes to episode 9 we will re-upload it. It will be out very soon. Unfortunately, season 2 of TD is still at a stand-still, and a new premier date has yet to be chosen. It may be quite a while before a date is selected.

In other news:

The first teaser trailer for the epic final film in the Lamborghini The Revolution series was just recently uploaded. An exact premier date for Lamborghini The Revolution: 50 Years of Evolution has yet to be decided. It will premier sometime in either October or November of 2013. Yeah, a long ways away. A trailer for Supercar Concepts 5 will be uploaded somtime soon this year. SC5 premiers on March 30, 2012, yes again, a long ways away.