On August 31, 2010, YouTube took down episode 9 of TD for content inappropiateness, if thats a word. I believe that the episode was flagged. WR Films has reviewed the episode and found the content questionable. A few days after the take-down, WR Films set all episodes aired of TD to 'private' except for episode 12, which is still viewable. The privated episodes will remain private until further notice. ALL future episodes of Total Destruction have been post-poned until further notice. In all actuality, Total Destruction is on the verge of being cancelled. When new news presents itself, we will inform you here. The second season set to premier September 25th will not be making that date due to this. The magnitude of this is very large, we mean, the show is in serious jeopardy at the moment. We have stopped viewability on almost all episodes of TD. Even if the series pulls through this, episode 9 is gone for good from YouTube. The episode may be later added to another video site. We are very sorry for this, you can blame whoever flagged the episode and YouTube. TD episodes are expected to be blocked for a month to up to many months. We will inform you on news as it becomes available.