First off, there has been a major change on dates to Total Destruction. To see all dates, see schedule. The season premier has been moved back to September 25 to classify the season as a Fall Show. This is to also allow more episodes to be completed before the premier, because we have been receiving a large amount of delays from publishing. The final 3 episodes of season 1 are coming very soon(episodes 13, 14, & 15). Please check out episodes of TD and leave your comments on what you want to see in the Viewers Choice Season 2 Finale coming February 5, 2011.

WR Films' Future
We have just recently updated WR Films, soon we might be revamping our video style. Unfortunately, if we do this, it will drastically change the way you look at WR Films. The idea is to cease production of everyday car videos and move forward with multiple new series' and possible movies(meaning: we will only be uploading our series[TD, TSCC, etc.] and movies[LTR and Supercar Concepts]). We have not made the decision yet, and are still debating, you decide by leaving comments on this blog post and our YouTube videos. It is very important that you guys tell us what you think would be best.