Once again, WR Films is going to be undergoing some major changes. We are changing the name from WR Films|2.0 to WR Films 2 (WR F2 for a shortened version). Also, we are changing the logo yet again, from the current Jamera version to something different you will see soon. With Total Destruction coming back to epicness, we decided to make everything else... "epicness-ish". We might change the entire website too, but thats a maybe. WR Films is going to be getting alot cooler.

Starting today, we are changing things. The process will take awhile, but we will be changing small things at first and then we will really be making the changes you will all take notice to. The major changes will occur in July. This month though, we will be making minor changes to the website mostly. The logos, video style, website style, and other major changes will occur in July.

Total Destruction is being revamped for next season. Episodes 13, 14, and 15 are going to remain in much the same format as the previous episodes of the season. Episode 15 is the Season 1 Finale. Episodes 16-30 (Season 2) will be in a different format than the first season(episodes 1-15). Season 2 will be great, if things go well, we expect it to overcome season 1 in views by 2011. We hope you enjoy it. Also, the season 2 finale is a VIEWERS CHOICE Special. We want you to decide whats in the finale. In the comments of this blog post, give us suggestions, links, or any other ideas you have for Total Destruction and the Season 2 Finale Viewers Choice Special. The Viewers Choice Finale episode is planned to air on November 20, 2010. Please let us know in the comments on this post and/or our YouTube channel comments section.