Its almost been a month since WR Films|2.0 was introduced. Now we are going to be undergoing some scheduled maintenance on February 14th for about a week. During the maintenance we will be adding a new page for our Super Bowl ads, we will also be redoing all the show and film pages to be more professional and organized(You will love the browsing experience when its done). So please check with the site often after Feb. 14th to see what we've done.

The Supercar Concept Chronicles is less than 2 weeks away from premier. Total Destruction Season 2 is less than 7 months away from its premier too. In the previous posts we announced a couple of new show that MIGHT be coming to WR Films|2.0. One of those show was the possible Camaro show, which is still undecided on whether or not it will be, and the other one was called Total Destruction: Compilations, a spin-off of the huge WR Films show, Total Destruction. TD: Compilations is going to happen, it premiers in 2011. Now we may also have another show like TD: Compilations, but about cars. The show would be called Supercar Compilations. Now, TD: Compilations and Supercar Compilations would be both mini-series'. Lasting only one season or just until the ideas run out. If we do go ahead with Supercar Compilations, it would premier in 2012, late 2012, most likely. We will be uploading a preview for season 2 of Total Destruction in June, probably.

In less than 3 months our next movie will premier. That movie is expected to be our greatest of all-time. And its called, Evolution of Murcielago. But, just a month-and-a-half later, we will be uploading the next film in the Supercar Concepts series, Supercar Concepts 4, perhaps the best SC movie of all six total. We are planning on uploading a short trailer this monday, February 1st. Supercar Concepts 5 is going to be great as well. An exact premier date has yet to be set. However, it has been pushed back from 2011 to 2012. We will have a trailer for you next year. The full title of that film is Supercar Concepts 5: The Classics. SC5: The Classics will possibly be the last WR Films movie. We don't yet know what will happen with WR Films|2.0 after 2012, but when it is decided you will be the first to know. Will there be a Evolution of Murcielago 2? The answer to that question is, maybe. It all depends on whether Lamborghini produces another Murcielago after the movie or not. We will have more on that question later.

Please bare with us here until we get done with maintenance starting on February 14, 2010, aka: Valentine's Day.

Summary of Post:
  • Maintenance starts February 14, 2010
  • Trailer for Supercar Concepts 4 coming Monday Feb. 1st
  • 3 possible new shows: Total Destruction: Compilations, Supercar Compilations, and Camaro Show
  • Season 2 of Total Destruction preview in June. Season 2 premiers on Aug. 14, 2010
  • Series Premier of The Supercar Concept Chronicles is less than 2 weeks away
  • Supercar Concepts 5: The Classics pushed back to 2012 instead of 2011
  • Greatest WR Films movie, Evolution of Murcielago premiers in less than 3 months, April 23rd
  • What will happen with WR Films|2.0 after 2012?

Thank you for reading,