A NEW edition to the Supercar Concepts (SC) series?

Yes, its coming, Supercar Concepts X. It will be the fourth installment of SC. The reason for the "X" is that the X stands for 10, as in 2010. What SC X is about is concept supercars for 2010. However the movie will be coming out in late 2009. Supercar Concepts is a fairly new movie series from WR Films HD, it began on August 22nd of 2008, and the trilogy will be here on June the 4th of 2009! Then around October to December of 2009 will be the beginning of a new era for SC. Starting off with Supercar Concepts X and then going on to another edition. We will introduce the successor to Supercar Concepts X around January or February 2010. An exact date for Supercar Concepts X will be released some time this summer.

Supercar Concepts 2 has just been released on WR Films ORIGINAL! A week after Supercar Concepts 3 comes out on WR Films HD we will be uploading it to WR Films ORIGINAL too.

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD