Today is Super Bowl Sunday and with it comes the most expensive and entertaining advertisements of the year! Today we are uploading some of the best ads to our YouTube channel and they will appear on the homepage of this website later on. We are expecting the videos to get an insane amount of views in a very short amount of time. The Top 5 Videos section on our homepage will possibly be inaccurate throughout the afternoon while the videos rack up views, we will update asap after the Super Bowl. We expect this because of last year when we uploaded the ads, we had one commercial that got half a million views in only a matter of hours but YouTube removed it. We will be uploading ads minutes after they air on TV. So subscribe if you havent and stick with us. Also, a new trailer for Ferrari: The Contender will be coming out very very soon, an exact release date is expected to be announced in the trailer. So look forward to that!

Thank you for reading!
- Wyatt