In just over 3 weeks the anticipated new series, The Supercar Concept Chronicles, premiers. TSCC premiers on February 13th. The Supercar Concept Chronicles is a spin-off of the film series, Supercar Concepts. Supercar Concepts is our second biggest film series, succeeded only by Lamborghini The Revolution. Anyways, TSCC's first episode is about Ferrari concepts and it is currently being worked on. But, we are now announcing a new series spin-off. That new spin-off will be spun-off of the huge series Total Destruction. The name of the show is planned to be "Total Destruction: Compilations". There is no set date for the show, but it will be after the second season of Total Destruction is over. Total Destruction: Compilations will be a 'compilation' of destruction caught on tape and mixed together to look ultra badass. A teaser trailer will be out around summer or fall of this year. Total Destruction: Compilations will most likely be the last series to be made by WR Films|2.0. In case you were wondering, there is planned to be a total of 3 seasons of Total Destruction, 4 seasons of The Supercar Concept Chronicles, and 1 to 2 seasons of Total Destruction: Compilations.

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