We have just updated the Shows page with some Show Information underneath each series button. Go check it out here.

We know have an official renewal procedure. For a show/series to be 'renewed,' the show has to fulfill the following:
  • Have an average rating of 3.0 of 5 or better
  • Have an average of 300 views per episode by the 7th day after the season finale airs
  • Must continue to have substantial material for further season(s)

The above check list is subject to change at anytime.

The Supercar Concept Chronicles is almost over this season. The show is doing good so far but there are still 5 episodes yet to air. Currently, the shows average views are 354 per episode, the average rating is 4.95 of 5.00, and we have a very substantial amount of future material for the show. So, at this point, TSCC is a go for renewal, but that could change with the final 5 episodes of the season.

Also, we hope you like the new Latest News section on the homepage.