The schedule page has been extended all the way to 2012! Because of this extension we now have multiple seasons of our shows on it or being planned to be on it. We have decided that Total Destruction will have 4* seasons and The Supercar Concept Chronicles will also have 4* seasons. FutureExoCar has been cancelled therefore there will not be any more seasons. The Bull's premier date has been moved to November 21, 2009. Evolution of Murcielago will be premiering on April 23, 2010 and the first full length trailer will be uploaded to YouTube in December of 2009. The second trailer will be uploaded January or February of 2010. Supercar Concepts X's date is still set on December 18, 2009. Supercar Concepts 4 is set to premier June 4, 2010, Supercar Concepts 5: The Classics does not have a premier date yet set, as soon as there is it will be blogged here and it will also be on the WR Films Channel description. Evolution of Murcielago 2 has not been confirmed to be made or not, more on EoM 2 in the coming year. The trailers for Supercar Concepts 4 are coming in March or April of 2010, and the trailers for Supercar Concepts 5: The Classics are coming shortly after the 2010 summer schedule break.

The number of seasons specified are not guaranteed.

For more information on the coming shows and movies, come to the WR Films Blog for the latest!

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD