Ok, so we haven't posted on this blog in 24 days, so we are posting now.

The new look of WR Films HD is coming this Winter, as we mentioned in the previous post. On our homepage we have a little promotion about it. We have posted a popular video on Thanksgiving eve on the Ultima GTR track record and on Thanksgiving morning we posted a test video. That test video was for the upcoming movie Evolution of Murcielago. We have since removed the video. Tomorrow, Monday November 30th, we will be uploading more videos. The Bull has been delayed until December. Supercar Concepts X is coming December 18. The final 3 episodes of Total Destruction Season 1 are being uploaded this December as well. Prepare for the series premier of The Supercar Concept Chronicles on February 13, 2010. A preview for that show will be out January 2010. Read the previous post for more info on the new look of WR Films HD.

Thanks everyone! We now have 90 subscribers, nearly 3,000 channel views, 315,000 video views, and nearly 170 videos. It all wouldn't be possible without you, the viewers, and YouTube.

Wyatt Ramsey