We have finally just completed maintenance on our website. We have updated just about everything!

First off, we went through each page and changed some schemes a little bit. Every Show page has been completly re-done. As well as every film page. On the Homepage, we have modernized some stuff. We changed our Latest News feature into a marquee, we have also change the QuickLinks section into a little more organized drop-down menu. The UpComing feature was removed. We have also created two completly new pages. The first new page, Ratings and Views, was created to give you guys a quick and easy way to see how your favorite WR Films|2.0 show or movie is doing in the ratings and the views as well. You can also see our total video views(for both channels) and our most viewed videos. The other new page, 2011, is coming soon. It will be a page that gives you insight into what's coming in 2011. 2011 is possibly and probably the biggest year for WR Films ever and forever. We told you a while back that a new show about restoring a 1967 Chevy Camaro RS/SS might be coming, well, if it is, it will be coming in 2011. We also told you about two other shows. Those shows are "Total Destruction: Compilation's" and "Supercar Compilation's". They WILL be coming, and most likely in 2011. Unfortunately, there are no films from us coming in 2011(As of now, a film might become set for 2011 at a later time). Supercar Concepts 5: The Classics was pushed back from 2011 to 2012 due to the mass of new shows coming in 2011. Also in 2011, The Supercar Concept Chronicles, Season 2 is planned to premier in January. And also, TSCC Season 3 is coming in 2011 as well. TSCC Season 4, however, is coming in 2012, at the same time as Total Destruction Season 3, the final seasons of both shows. The Series Finales for TD and TSCC will air on the same day in 2012. After that, WR Films|2.0 will be pretty much, laid back from then on. No films or shows are planned after that, but thats in 2 years, so don't get your panties in a bunch just yet. We will be completeing the 2011 page soon, and releasing an ad for next year in WR Films|2.0 as well. Supercar Concepts 4 is coming this June so the trailer is just around the corner. All the news for 2011 will be on the 2011 page soon, keep checking back to see if we've added anything to it. Don't forget to subscribe to WR Films|2.0 so you can catch the new episodes of TSCC every Saturday.

Also, if you notice any mistakes or problems of any kind, tell us about on our YouTube channel comment's

Thanks and Regards,

Wyatt @ WR Films|2.0