We have currently been updating our site a bit with fresh colors and more cool features that are still coming. You can see the new colors best on the homepage, schedule page, and tscc page. Plus, we have been working on allowing you readers add comments to our blog posts. We will have it all figured out soon. The new, fresh, color scheme we have been adding to the site will be visible on the entire site over the next month or two. We have lots of work to do on other things, so this won't be a one weekend and done deal. We will be updating a page at a time with the nes scheme all through April and on into May if needed.

Total Destruction: Compilation's and Supercar Compilation's are getting there own pages soon. Both shows are starting out with short, 5 episode, pilot seasons. Depending on the success of the two pilot seasons, the show might be continued on to a full series. We expect the two shows to be among the best shows we have ever produced. After all, TD: Compilation's is a spin-off of our most popular show to date, Total Destruction. Supercar Compilation's is most likely going to be great too because its supercars, its what we do. TD: Compilation's premiers on May 1, 2011 and Supercar Compilation's premiers on July 1, 2011. Both of their finales are on the 29th of May and July, respectively. If they are successful, they will be premiering in 2012 or 2013 as full seasons and possible multi-season series'. 2011 is going to be a very, very busy year for us since we have two planned seasons of TSCC and two pilot shows to premier during the summer. It will be very busy next year. Also in 2012, the final season of our greatest show is to premier. That show is Total Destruction. And also, the final season of TSCC is going to premier. Both series finales are on December 15, 2012. Also in 2012, we have the final film in the Supercar Concepts film series, Supercar Concepts 5: The Classics. It hits YouTube on March 30, 2012. You could say that 2012 will also be busy, you could call it a close out year for WR Films|2.0. Supercar Concepts ends, Total Destruction ends, TSCC ends, hell, WR Films might even be ending altogether in 2012. But, we might continue into the next year or two with TD: Compilation's and Supercar Compilation's, you never know.

Thanks for reading another lengthy blog post from us at WR Films|2.0