It is the beginning of November, so we are ready to change the look of our website, YouTube channel, and our logo.

We have had the same look on our website for quite a few months now so we would like to change it to go along with our increase in quality of videos and other things. Our current logo is not our best, so we want to improve ourselves. Our YouTube channel will change in style with our new look for the website. We plan to be making this major change either this month or next month. We will anounce here when we will be making the changes. The announcement will be in the next couple of weeks. The change to our website will stay for the next year or two, if it works well with our content. The YouTube channel look will probably be tweeked a little every now and then, but nothing drastic. The logo, however, will be undergoing some major changes.

Please, check in here often to get the latest on this update and many others to come. Its the next generation of WR Films HD! Coming this winter.

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD