Supercar Concepts 4 premiered less than a week ago and with it so did a new logo for WR Films.

The new logo features the text "WR Films" and "2.0," but it also features our http and our slogan, "A Future of Video". The big change, however, is the car. In the previous logo we featured a stenciled Nissan GTR, now, we are featuring a concept car that has yet to be revealed from a company that also has yet to reveal itself. The car is called "Jamera" and the company is WR Automotive, don't bother looking WR Automotive up, there is nothing to find... yet. WR Automotive will come out of the shadows in the next few years with the Jamera and another car in its garage. They'll hit the road haulin' ass. Eventually, we will update the logo with better renderings of the car, but for now, thats all you get.