Today, we've decided to add a new film to our schedule! To date, most of our films have something to do with Lamborghini or are all about Lamborghini. Now, we are announcing a new film that is slated to be titled Ferrari, and like the name suggests, its about Ferrari. That name is not yet certain and neither is a premier date. Expect it in either 2011 or 2012, maybe 2013, but no later. We hope to get it out next year so there is time for sequels and other films following Ferrari. The reason why we wouldn't have time if it was released in 2013 is because WR Films comes to a close in 2014, but don't worry, thats still nearly 4 years away, and we have a lot planned between now and then, such as, the final films in the Lamborghini The Revolution series and the Supercar Concepts series. Also, Total Destruction and The Supercar Concept Chronicles will be coming to a close in 2012. Speaking of TSCC, the episodes will resume soon, along with TD's episodes soon. You'll have to exuse the schedule, it is not completely current with the new schedule changes. It will be soon though. About the final film in the Supercar Concept series, "Supercar Concepts 5: The Classics" coming March 30, 2012, a first release teaser trailer is coming very soon. And, by "The Classics", we mean older concept cars, not the new ones! A webpage for Endgame, the final film by WR Films, is coming momentarily. The show we blogged about earlier, The Top Ten, has been canceled. An updated schedule will be released soon. Thank you for reading.

- Wyatt