Its October, so later this month some new features will be released.

This month the LatestVideos section may be leaving. However, a new section will be coming. A new section called UpComing will be added. UpComing will have the dates on the soon to premier movies and/or shows from WR Films HD. October is a big month for WR Films. This month we will be making a lot of videos for our shows "The Supercar Concept Chronicles" and "Total Destruction". We will be making the first season of TSCC(The Supercar Concept Chronicles) and we will be finishing the first season of TD(Total Destruction) and making the first few episodes of season 2 of TD. Which is set to premier August 14, 2010. Also, we have just uploaded our 150th video! WR Films is getting bigger and better!

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD