First off, we have added a new feature to the homepage. It is called CURRENTEVENTS. That feature gives you quick insight to whats going on right now with WR Films|2.0. The feature will inform you of shows in progress, movies in development, shows in development, and coming events. Keep visiting our great website for more cool stuff in the automotive industry. Also, go check out the new hit series, The Supercar Concept Chronicles!

Secondly, we have decided on exact dates on the coming shows; Total Destruction: Compilation's, Supercar Compilation's, and the date for Supercar Concepts 5: The Classics has been chosen! SC5 premiers on March 30, 2012.

Thirdly, with The Supercar Concept Chronicles episodes being delayed, we have changed some episode premier dates. There are 3 episodes currently out, with 7 to go this season. The next episode is set for Saturday, April 10th, but with the possibility of being uploaded a little later than that. Episode 5 is set for the very next saturday, April 17th, also with the possibility of slight delays. The season finale has been moved from April 17th to May 22nd. Be sure to tune into the coming episode, because they're going to be EPIC! The season finale is going to be over Koenigsegg!!! Sorry for all the delays with TSCC episode and website updates. We are also sorry for not uploading any videos in a couple of weeks. The reason for all of the delays is that we have been having difficulties publishing videos because our archive is reaching maximum capacity. We are currently trying to get our archive organized so that we will be able to continue providing the amazing car videos that we have always produced! Just an FYI, in 2012, all of our shows and movies will be pretty much over, so whats going to be next for WR Films? We don't even know. Total Destruction and TSCC both have their series finales, the very last episodes, on December 15, 2010, a little less than a week before the world is supposedly going to come to an end. In 2013, if there is going to be a 2013, WR Films will be calming down, big time. We hope to continue providing videos, but the distant future is still unclear for us. We will be hard at work on the next chapter of WR, which is called WR Automotive, our car company, it will happen, you just wait! It may be 2013 or 2014 before we get recognized, but we will sooner than later! Don't worry about the whole end of WR Films thing just yet, its still over 2 and a half years away!

Thank you for reading this lengthy blog post, but it was very important for our viewers, and readers.
Wyatt - Founder, WR Films|2.0 and coming company WR Automotive.