We are changing our website URL!

Well its time to make a change. We have had the URL: wrfilmshd.synthasite.com for quite awhile now, our host website SynthaSite.com has changed there name to Yola. Yola allows the option to change your URL to the new one. We have decided to do so. The website will be wrfilmshd.yolasite.com. The date for the name change is Saturday May 23, 2009! Don't worry, if you use a link from another website that has .synthasite.com it will direct you to the new URL. The site will still look the same though.

REMEMBER: URL change is on Saturday May 23, 2009

PLUS: Supercar Concepts 3 is almost here, get prepared! June 4, 2009

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD
NEW Kia Soul video out now!