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This April we will be premiering possibly our biggest movie ever. That movie is called "Evolution of Murcielago", it premiers April 23rd. Less than 2 months after that we will be premiering the 5th film in the Supercar Concepts movie series, Supercar Concepts 4. We believe that SC4 will be the best of the Supercar Concept movies, so please subscribe to us on YouTube so you will receive the previews for it and the actual movie when they are uploaded. Speaking of Supercar Concepts, the final film of the movie series, Supercar Concepts 5: Classics, will be premiering in 2011, an exact date has yet to be set, it will most likely be mid to late 2011. SC5 is the last movie we have that is definitely going to be made, there could be an Evolution of Murcielago 2, but its not a sure thing. If there is a sequel, it will be in 2012 most likely.

In less than a month, February 13th to be exact, our next new show will premier, called The Supercar Concept Chronicles. We are going to make the first season and then we will see how it does, a sort of Pilot season. We will have a poll on the TSCC page to see if you the viewers like the show and want another season, if you dont and the show gets bad ratings and few views, the show will most likely be cancelled. So please tune in next month and tell us if you like the show or not. The final three episodes of the first season of Total Destruction will be uploaded soon. Season 2 premiers August 14th. The season 2 finale will be viewers choice. We would like all of you to give us some ideas for the finale on the video comments of the episodes next season, and we will try to fit as much of it in as we can into the finale. A third season is planned for Total Destruction but we will wait and see how the show does next season. If TSCC does great the next few months, the second season is planned to premier at the beginning of 2011. So please let us know what you think when the show comes out.

Shortly after Supercar Concepts 4 premiers, we will be taking a break. The date of the break is on our schedule page. We will be putting videos on YouTube for a long time to come, but the end of WR Films is coming probably in the next 3 or 4 years. Please subscribe to us on YouTube for the most entertaining videos on YouTube. Super Bowl XLIV is just 21 days away, you know what that means, funny commercials. We will be uploading them to WR Films 2.0 on the day of the big game and if need be the next couple of days.

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