Maintenance is here!

Looks like its finally here! Come back in a few days to see what we have done! And if you don't know where to look to see all of what we have done, which most of you don't (no offense), then come here to the WR Films Blog, but wait, the WR Films Blog won't be exactly like it is now either. We will have links on the homepage so you don't get lost. The website will look alot cooler and more professional looking when we're done. Remember that this site maintenance period may take a week or more. We will work hard on getting it done this weekend, but don't get your hopes up.

This morning when I was going to school, we saw a tornado! It was great! It was probably an F3 or F4, could of been an F2. If you don't know what an F3, F4, or F5 is, CLICK HERE

Wyatt Ramsey
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