On April 19, 2008, WR Films released its 3rd ever video! That video is called, "Lamborghini The Revolution". Since the release of that movie(short film), we have released "Lamborghini The Revolution 2: Now And Future" and Lamborghini The Revolution 3: Concepts. Also, since the release of that 3rd ever video, we have received multiple comments saying that the quality sucks and its only received a 1 star rating. Now that we are only a week away from going full HD on all of our videos from now on, we have decided to remake that movie. We will be remaking the movie in the year 2011. However, we will not be making any other Lamborghini The Revolution movies. The remake will consist of somewhat the same material, but it will be videos instead of pictures and it will be in 1080p HD. The remake will have the title, "Lamborghini The Revolution: The Remake". We will have a more information on this most likely in 2010. We will also have a preview out in late 2010 as well.

Thank you for reading,
Wyatt Ramsey