Supercar Concepts 4 premiers in just a couple of hours. SC4 is the second to last film in the Supercar Concepts film series. The next and last SC film is "Supercar Concepts 5: The Classics," which premiers March 30, 2012. SC5 is the sixth film in the series and its expected to be the very last. In October of 2013, the last film to be produced by WR Films will premier. Its called "Lamborghini The Revolution: 50 Years of Evolution." LTR: 50 Years is also going to be one of the very last videos ever from WR Films. We are also planning a film that we are calling "Endgame." Endgame would be a film about WR Films from its beginning in 2008 to its demise in 2013, and also where we will be going afterward, if Endgame were made, it would be a very revealing film into the near future of WR. Don't hold your breath on the Endgame bit though because shit happens and things could change. Please check out YT today(June 4th) at noon cst for Supercar Concepts 4. In case you were wondering, there are currently no films planned for 2011 from us. Go to the schedule page for a more complete schedule of whats coming from 2010 to 2013.