We've done some cleaning up to the homepage. If you have noticed, the Latest News marquee is larger, cleaner looking, and blue! Further down the homepage, the QuickLinks feature is larger, cleaner, and more professional looking. Directly below the Latest News feature is a new addition. It's aptly titled NEW VIDEO! All it is is a feature to inform you of the latest(s) video(s) from WR Films|2.0. Go to the homepage to check these new feature updates and features. On the shows page, we have added show info below each series page button, go check ou the shows page. We have just started getting back in the groove of producing videos regularly since TSCC is coming to a close for the season in about a week. So, if you haven't subscribed, nows the best time.

DON'T FORGET:  Total Destruction returns with an all new season on August 14th. Also, Supercar Concepts 4 hits YouTube on June 4th!