The greatest film ever produced by WR Films|2.0 is not in HD! Yep, thats right, NOT in HD. We are very sorry for that, but we have had extreme difficulties in getting it published in 1080p or even 720p HD. Trust me, if we could've, we would've. Anyways, 4 days late, it has premiered. Watch it here. If you still don't know what film we're talking about here, its Evolution of Murcielago.

We have, and are, releasing the teaser trailer for Lamborghini The Revolution: 50 Years of Evolution, early. The teaser is downloadable on this page, we are releasing it on YouTube late this year. We had originally planned for 2011 trailer release dates, but we decided to give you an early present. More trailers are coming in 2011, 2012, and maybe one early in 2013.

Episode 6 of The Supercar Concept Chronicles was supposed to premier Saturday, the 24th, but with all the trouble with EoM, we didn't have the chance. So, we've decided to try and reward you with back-to-back episodes this Saturday, May 1st. Episode 6 is Bugatti's and episode 7 is Dodge. There's just over 3 weeks 'til the season finale, if you're not watching yet, now's a great time to start. Season 2 premiers January 8, 2011. The season 2 premier is about, arguably the best supercar manufacturer out there, Lamborghini. Get Subscribed to receive all of our amazing videos!

If you hadn't noticed yet, you can now add comments to our blog posts, just click on a blog post title to start giving us your 10 cents or some helpful feedback. We are still working on revamping the site with the new colors, almost complete. The final 3 episodes of the season of Total Destruction are coming this summer, before the epic second season begins. Don't forget to subscribe and favorite this website to receive the amazing episodes when they hit YT. The epic series Total Destruction has an even more epic second season premiering August 14, 2010! Get prepared to be blown away!!!