2009 is ending in less than 2 weeks!

We are in a rush to close out this great year. With only 13 days left in 2009, we are in a hurry to finish things up. With Supercar Concepts X premiering only an hour ago and the Supercar Concepts X Premier Week coming to an end tomorrow, the final videos to be uploaded this year are just a few days away. Starting the 20th, we will be uploading multiple videos a day for several days. We are taking a few day break for the holiday. We might upload a few videos after the holiday and before New Year. We are planning to upload all of the videos(7 left to be uploaded) in our archive before Christmas. When we return from the holiday break, we will be undergoing the update to WR Films HD 2.0. The update will take several days, maybe even the remainder of the year. We will try and upload an introduction video for the NEW WR Films on the first day of the new year, but no promises. Just to clear things up, on our homepage we had a notice about a 2009 compilation video...   scratch that.

So, prepare for the new WR Films HD 2.0! Prepare for 2010! Prepare for one of the greatest years of WR Films HD! Prepare for Evolution of Murcielago, the greatest movie we will possibly ever produce!

To help you get going for 2010, come here, we will have a descriptive rundown of 2010 in WR Films HD for ya.

Wyatt, WR Films HD Creator