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Super Bowl 45 Ads and WR Films!

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Sunday, February 6, 2011, In : Events 
Today is Super Bowl Sunday and with it comes the most expensive and entertaining advertisements of the year! Today we are uploading some of the best ads to our YouTube channel and they will appear on the homepage of this website later on. We are expecting the videos to get an insane amount of views in a very short amount of time. The Top 5 Videos section on our homepage will possibly be inaccurate throughout the afternoon while the videos rack up views, we will update asap after the Super Bow...
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2008 WR Films Best Video Award

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Wednesday, June 10, 2009, In : Events 
Yes thats right, we are giving you the choice of our best video from 2008.

The 2008 WR Films Best Video Award applies to videos from either exoticlambolover or wrfilmshd. The voting will begin later this summer, we will decide a voting deadline later. We will have brackets and other stuff for you to see which videos are still in it or not. The winnig video will be on a WR F B V A page. (if you didn't get the WR F B V A, it means WR Films Best Video Award)

The 2009 WR Films Best Video Award will...
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Very important dates

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Wednesday, May 27, 2009, In : Events 
The domain name change we mentioned a couple of blogs ago, the date has been changed. The domain name will be changed on June 10, 2009. Get ready, the Supercar Concepts 3 Premier Week starts May 31 and ends June 6. The immediately afterwards, the 2009 Summer Super Video Bash begins, the video bash starts June 6 and ends August 8th. It will include all the videos we upload this summer. Which may be alot or may not be, it depends on our vacation schedules. On June 14th, the Lamborghini The Revo...
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Happy Birthday to the creator!

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Sunday, April 26, 2009, In : Events 
April 25 - Wyatt Ramsey's Birthday - Creator of WR Films

15 years ago today, a kid was born, along with about a million others. Wyatt Ramsey, the creator of WR Films HD. We just wanted you to know that, now you know something you didn't before, congratulations!

Go celebrate by SUBSCRIBING to WR Films HD, it will make our day even better!

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD Creator Subscribe to WR Films HD!
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Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Thursday, April 23, 2009, In : Events 
Happy Earth Day!

Today, Earth Day, WR Films HD changed the HOMEPAGE to suit Earth Day. If you haven't been to the homepage, go to it now! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube!

PLUS:.. Be sure to come back AFTER May 2nd to see the NEW Downloads page. Where you can download any of our videos for FREE!

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD
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Updates and features coming

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Friday, April 10, 2009, In : Events 
On April 17, 2009 WR Films will be performing site maintenance. The maintenance may take several days to weeks. It will be worth it for you. Remember that during maintenance some features of the site will NOT be available. During maintenance we will clean up some clutter and more. Yesterday we released a NEW feature on the homepage.
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Weekend Of Apple

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Saturday, March 28, 2009, In : Events 
The Weekend Of Apple is currently taking place! 20 Apple videos have already been uploade to . We will be uploading more videos later TODAY and tomorrow! Go check them out, they could be useful if you have a Mac from Apple! And while your there.... subscribe so you can find out when we add videos and events that could be coming up! You never know, you could become the first to view a video that could reach MILLIONS of views! Thanks for visiting WR Films HD! Updated a...
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