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Evolution of Murcielago

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Monday, September 21, 2009, In : Shows and New Stuff! 
We have made an update to the Evolution of Murcielago website! (

We have just added the countdown to the EoM website go check it out! The address is above!

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD
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Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Monday, September 21, 2009, In : Feature's 
We have just completed maintenance on the website!

During maintenance we updated the Top 5 Video's feature and the Latest Video's feature. We also fixed the Schedule page to fit in Microsoft Internet Explorer. We updated some other minor things on most all the pages.

Get ready for the series premier of The Supercar Concept Chronicles on February 13, 2010. Also the final 3 episodes of Total Destruction are coming soon. The next season of Total Destruction is coming August 14, 2010!!!

Thank you fo...
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Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Tuesday, September 15, 2009, In : Info 
This post is just to inform you that for our regular car videos we are going to be uploading car videos 1 a day monday through friday and 2 videos saturday, no videos will be uploaded on sunday except for movies. On days that we are uploading some of our shows there will be no other videos uploaded on that day. Also if we temporarily run out of videos to upload then we will not upload until we do. We just wanted to inform you of our uploading policy just so you know. The above policy is in ef...
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Shows and Movies

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Sunday, September 13, 2009, In : Shows and New Stuff! 
The schedule page has been extended all the way to 2012! Because of this extension we now have multiple seasons of our shows on it or being planned to be on it. We have decided that Total Destruction will have 4* seasons and The Supercar Concept Chronicles will also have 4* seasons. FutureExoCar has been cancelled therefore there will not be any more seasons. The Bull's premier date has been moved to November 21, 2009. Evolution of Murcielago will be premiering on April 23, 2010 and the first...
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Cancellations, updates, and more.

Posted by Wyatt Ramsey on Saturday, September 12, 2009, In : Info 
FutureExoCar cancelled, The Bull moved, WR Films' return, and we are updating!

We have cancelled FEC due to lack of popularity and views.

We have also changed the premier date of "The Bull" to November 21, 2009 because of a break we took that extended past the original premier date.

We are back from our break and we are uploading videos now!

We are updating our website and YouTube channel for our new videos!

Wyatt Ramsey
WR Films HD

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